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Favorite Quotes from Helping Hands for Dental Hygienists

101 Timeless Treasures for a Successful Career

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Clinical Finesse

Esther Wilkins, RDH, DMD Pg. 48

Some ways to encourage a patient to become willingly compliant to essential personal daily oral hygiene care are to:

  • Share the responsibility of noncompliance and show that you really care:
  • Provide a clear demonstration and explanation;
  • Never let a patient feel rushed or put-off;
  • Encourage questions and answer all concerns carefully and patiently;
  • Make sure the patient understands the seriousness of the inflammation and what can happen if noncompliant;
  • Maintain an encouraging and reassuring attitude.

Making Wise Choices

 Angie Flood, RDH Pg 70

Money is not everything. When making an employment decision consider the following:

  • Go to lunch with the staff—this gives you time outside the office to get acquainted with prospective coworkers;
  • Spend some time observing in an office—this helps you determine if such things as the office philosophy, infection control, and scheduling practices match your standards and philosophy;
  • Happiness isn’t measured in dollars and cents.

Professional Partners

Linda Harvey, RDH, MS Pg. 86

Appreciate your coworkers. Look beyond their weaknesses. Each person in your office has different talents and strengths. Understanding and working with each person’s unique behavioral style and personality will help you to grow as a person and, most importantly, to work harmoniously and effectively with other members of your dental team.

Lifelong Learning

Patty Jordan, RDH Pg. 103

I have learned through many hours of continuing education that providing more complete services for the patient benefits everyone, including myself. I feel that I have never lost enthusiasm for dentistry because I am constantly learning new ways to deliver better patient care.

As you are inspired to deliver the highest quality patient care, and as others in the office are additionally energized and involved in this process of care, it truly creates an atmosphere of success for everyone.

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