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Identity Theft: Protecting Patients and Practitioners

Rising problems with identity theft pose a significant problem for safeguarding patient information.

Among the different types of identity theft is medical identity theft. Statistics show approximately 250,000 people are victims of medical identity theft each year in the United States.

HIPAA, state laws and a number of other regulations including Red Flags Rule and FACTA require healthcare practitioners to protect patients’ individually identifiable information. Medical identity theft is one of the most potentially dangerous forms of identity theft. As a result, a comprehensive patient safety program includes fully protecting your patients’ identity.

This course builds on basic HIPAA knowledge and introduces healthcare professionals to identity theft issues and heightens awareness for personal liability and the importance of protecting confidential patient and practice information.

Participants will:

  • Learn what constitutes identity theft and why it is so problematic
  • Identify the different types of identity theft
  • Review the applicable laws
  • Understand the legal liability associated with identity theft
  • Discuss how to design policy and procedures that fully protect patients