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About Us

As a results-driven healthcare risk management consulting and training company, we are dedicated to reducing legal liability in your practice.  Our success formula is very simple – reduce risk, improve safety, and achieve results!  Identifying and correcting potential loss exposures in your practice reduces the likelihood of litigation and actually increases your patient satisfaction.

Our professional team has developed tools and training courses that can help you continue to build and maintain a successful practice.  The value we add to your practice is assisting you and your staff in establishing the missing structure needed to prevent risk and improve safety.  We work with dental and medical professionals who want to avoid legal complaints, close regulatory gaps, and recapture valuable patient care time.  Let us help you achieve those results by:

  • Uncovering hidden liabilities and potential risks
  • Teaching quality and risk management strategies
  • Creating a culture of safety in your practice

Our expertise spans three decades, so we understand your day-to-day needs when it comes to balancing patient care and regulatory issues.  Through our assessments and programs, we get to the heart of the matter helping to prevent costly errors, mishaps, and unnecessary incidents from occurring in your practice.  By having us focus on quality/risk management, patient safety, and regulatory standards, it allows you to concentrate on what you do best – providing exceptional patient care.

Don’t let the cost of risk outweigh the value of patient safety and quality in your practice!  Contact us today for additional information.